Importance of Night Creams in our Skincare Routine

Importance of Night Creams in our Skincare Routine

Your skin in day time has to go through a lot of stress and pollution which makes it less elastic and firm. It is found that during the night time skin is more absorbent to all the essential nutrients which is why night creams are a prominent part of any skincare routine. Night creams are a special kind of moisturisers typically applied at night before sleeping, filled with nourishing ingredients that helps in keeping the skin healthy. Continue reading to find out why nights creams are important!
More Hydration

Nights creams are more hydrating and have anti-ageing properties. Minerals and vitamins are present in night creams which enhances the absorbing ability of the skin and thus provide extra hydration. Also, it helps the skin to retain its natural oils.

Preclude Sagging

As we age above 25 years, our skin starts losing collagen. Collagen is responsible for the plump and youthful appearance of the skin. As we start to lose to collagen in our skin, the skin begins to sag at certain areas. This is where night cream comes as a saviour. It will help in preventing sagging skin and also rebuild the skin’s collagen.

Prevents Dry Skin

Night cream will help in preventing dry skin as using night creams will moisturize your skin overnight and you will wake up with happy nourished skin in the morning without any dry patches. At night the absorbing capabilities of the skin increases by 90% which means you will wake up with healthy radiant skin in the morning.

Promote Even Skin Tone

Night creams can help with uneven skin tone as they promote cell regeneration. Using a night cream with vitamin C can help in promoting cell turnover and clearing out darker areas on your skin.

Ease And Calm the Skin 

Depending on the weather and surroundings, our skin is likely to become irritated and dry. Using night creams help us to prepare our skin for the next day. It allows the skin to calm down and ease down any irritation to feel better from the inside out.

Fight Acne

Night creams help in preventing and fighting acne. Night creams will hydrate your skin overnight and help in fighting occasional acne and even acne spots. You will notice the difference in your skin after consistently applying the night cream every day.

Glowing Skin

Using a night cream that will hydrate and deeply penetrate into your skin will result in glowing skin in the morning. If you want to have naturally glowing skin, hydration is the main ingredient. The more hydrated your skin is the more good-looking and radiant it will be.

Improves Blood Circulation

When we apply night cream, we tend to massage it on our face with our fingertips. This massage increases the blood circulation on your face and neck. Improving the blood circulation on your face will help in better absorbing of the skincare products and the benefits of the products will be received better by the skin.


Night creams contains twice the number of vitamins and essential oils that work effectively to help with ageing. Night creams have anti-ageing properties that allows your skin to look youthful and free of wrinkles and fine lines.

Now that you know all the benefits of using night cream, you should never skip it. Skipping your night cream means missing out on the opportunity of maximizing your skin’s regeneration process. Remember to be consistent with night creams to get the maximum benefits out of it.

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